Help fulls your heart. Are you ready to have this experience?

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

At the beginning it was just a project, but at the end, it became a life changing experience!!!

What a long hard road we have walked to get to the end, but still what a great time we had!!! It´s incredible the process of giving life to an idea, and it´s even better when that idea means helping others. Though, we aren´t going to talk about the process but about the last part of it, when we went to Villa Infantil. When we first arrived, we headed towards the backyard, where we organized our stands wondering whether the kids would like it or not, whether they´ll be willing to participate or not. Our wonderings were answered the moment they all ran into the yard with enormous smiles on their faces, some of them shyer than others, but we could tell most of them were excited about our visit. The kinder garden and elementary kids were the ones who took the initiative to explore what the stands were about, and soon all the stands were crowded with thrilled faces that wanted to participate.

The little kids were having a lot of fun, but our real worry were the older kids, (they were just a year younger than us), whom didn´t seem so happy to see us in their home; but after some time of chat we realized they were a little shy but very cheerful guys, so cheerful, that they managed to get us all involved in a glaze-war. Our next activity was a “raly”, which was a complete success, because we were all entered in confidence with a positive and joyful spirit, it seemed a perfect harmony. At the end of the day, when we delivered the prizes, we ended up all at the “podium” dancing and singing. When I see this day in retrospective, I see a bright day (even when the sky was cloudy), one of those days when you feel nothing is missing, you feel complete, you feel you have achieved your goal. If we go back a few weeks ago, we said our goal was to make such an incredibly amazing day that these kids will never forget it. We can tell many won´t, but I am sure WE won´t. So definitely we did achieved our goal.

A beautiful day

We had a project, to do an act of kindness, so we went to an orphan house and we did a carnival day¡. We had such a good time, we learned new stuff, but most of all we maid new friends. We learned a lot but the main lesson that was, when you stop caring so much about yourself and look at the others and help them, you feel good and a simple smile from a complete stranger can make your day shine. So this was our project and we hope you enjoy it, because we sure did!

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Carnival on its way!

The best way to make your dreams come is to wake up, that is our motivation for thise project. We are going to go to an orphanage on April thr 1 and we are going to organise a carnival day were each girl is responsible for one activitie. What kind of activities we have planned , you might ask , well it is a surprisebut but I will tell you something that has to do with apples and Mexico's favorite food (chilie) how awesome is that¡¡¡. With no further news we hope you stay with us.