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Own experiences

Now all the team members are going to talk about their own experiences of doing this project.

Laura Zepeda

PROJECT: Act Of Kindness

At first, we were going to sell cookies and then buy things for a home that needs stuff and get those things they need, but there were other 2 teams that were going to do the same thing, so we go together to be just one team. This didn't work, so we decided to separate back to 3 teams. Then, we decided to get together with another team that was going to organize a fun fair at an orphanage and we thought it was a great idea, so we got together with them. Then, another team got together. Now we're 12 girls and we have enough money to organize a very good fun fair. We're planning a lot of activities according to their ages. We are planning to have a cooking aisle, where they're going to make chilli apples and brownies or something like that. Then, we are planning games like throwing darts, playing soccer and all that kind of sports. Then, we want to put like an art aisle, where we can paint their faces or they can make a drawing or something like that. We want to play the game where you throw balloons filled with water and you catch them with towels, we think that one's a lot of fun and we want them to have a very good time.

What we want to do is for them to remember this day forever, so we want to make another activity, where they have to take a very creative picture of themselves, they pose and we take the picture and give it to them, so that they remember that day forever. Then, we also want to give them white shirts for them to decorate and paint them as they wish, as for the little kids, we want them to decorate a mask, one of those carnival-looking masks so that they can have fun decorating it AND wearing it, that way they can keep it forever…

I hope they have as much fun as I hope we will while doing all of it. :)

Isabel Barrera

At the beggining i make a group with my friends Laura, Vale and Lary, and we where planning to sell some brownies and cookies in the street for winning Money for going toa n orphan and ask them what they need so with that Money we can buy something for them.
But then the team of Malu, Andie, Ana Vi and Sara ask us to join to their team so we can do something to another orphan.
And we were planning  to make them like a fair with games of cooking and painting, etc.
So first we decided to make a party with cover, but we noticed that to going to a cover party we have to give alcohol, so we were not going to buy a loto f alcohol and winning nothing, so then we decided to sell things.. and because it was 14 of february we decided to sell roses in a party that we were going to have in Lari’s house, so we bought the roses and the paper for cover them and all that and each of us gave $30 and we ask to the aunt of Ana Vi to bought them… but what we dont new was that thy where all wilted so when they came to the house with all the roses they where wilted and
With alot of  spines so we have to take them out from the roses.
And selling that we only earn $200 …so we dont win alot of Money.. so now we are going to put  each girl $ 150 to buy the things that we need.
We need to buy cookies and apples for decorating them, t- shirts for them to Saint them, Saint for the face, etc.
I hope this children like our job that we make specialy for them for getting some fun and enjoy them, because we’ve been making alot of effort for them.

Malú Ruiz

First of all, for this project we decided to went to a public school to help kids with low grades for their final exams, but we realize that for doing that we needed to go there 1 day per week and we don’t have too much time; so we decided to change of plan.

After that, Andy told us that she have heard about an orphan where we could go and make a small party for them.
Then, she made an appointment, and with Sarah, they went to talk with the woman in charge of the institution, and she shows them the entire orphan.
Next, we organize all the things we will do, we are going to make like a small carnival with 4 stands: in one they are going to decorate brownies, in other to paint t-shirts, and other games...

Also, we are going to divide them in groups by ages and in the end we will do a rally!
For raising money, we sell roses in a party for Valentine’s Day, but we don’t raise a lot, so now we have to make brownies and sell them to get more money, but each member of the team, needs to gave $150, i hope we get enough!

After a lot of time talking and organizing, my teammates propose that with only 4 girls will be very hard to control 50 kids, so we decide to integrate 2 more teams, and now we are 12!

The appointment we have it for the 1st of April, so we have enough time to raise money and to make that the children have a lot of fun, and never forget this day.

I really love doing things like that, because I feel very good to see people having fun and knowing that I do something good for that people, than don’t have the same opportunities that I have. So I’m going to do the best I can for them to have a good experience I hope everything goes the way we want to and wish us good luck!!.

Claudia Calvo


We have to make an act of kindness that inspires us to help people.
First we were just one team of four girls, we wanted to go with the terminal people (with serious illness) that are about to die. We wanted that at first , because it means lot to us to help them make their last dream come true.
But we couldn’t do that because it was to complicated to find access to the hospital, cause there’s an associations called: Arlequin so our plan was to help them or get in the association for a while but at the end we couldn’t do that.Then we were 3 teams together that wanted to get some money in different ways , it can be any like washing cars, selling cookies, or making a party with cover, and all that money that we would would give it to homeless kids but that idea couldn’t realize it.After that the 3 teams reorganize, we are 16 girls and our plan is to go to the orphanage “Villa Infantil” we are going to make them a fair inside the orphanage , in the fair will be stands and all the team will bi divided in each stand attending the girls and keeping order. One of the reasons we choose the fair is that the they barely take the girls out of the orphanage so we know they love games , playing and the fair would be perfect.
We have got $1200 because all the team members give $100 for each girl and also last week we made a Valentines party in witch we were selling roses to the boys so we earn $800 so that’s the begging to buy all the material we need for preparing the fair the 18 of march.
This is a experience that I want to keep in my memory and heart all my life because is unique and with only seeing the smile , hearing the laugh and feel the joy that day I know that all the effort we done it will worth it. I would like to keep doing this for very long time cause helping people full’s me. This project have leave me a lot of what to think about cause its to easy to say you are going to an orphanage but if you put in the shoes of that girls its when you value all the thing you have in life: family, friends, love, etc.

Sarahí Martinez

An act of kidness
Orphanage: Villa Infantil IAP
At the beginning of the project, we didn’t really know what to do, and we thought we could join the tea of the fontanar project (making a ciudad de los niños in the school) for poor kids, but we realized we couldn’t raise the enough money to carry it on; so we decided to keep looking for something else, something could afford, and something that changed someone´s life.
After having that thought, we had the idea of teaching to learn how to write and to read to kids, because we thought a good way to helping someone, was teaching them what you knew and they couldn’t learn. We looked for the school and asked the hours we could go, but for one reason or another, it was impossible for us to find a day the four of us could go for the rest of the year, because we had activities at the afternoons. So we realized we could couldn’t something each week, but we could do a “massive event”.
Afterwards, we looked up for options and places where we could do our project. Andrea told us her aunt knew a place (an orphanage) where we could try, so we made an appointment to go and visit the place to see if that was the best option.
Then, before going to the orphanage we planned the options we could do. And we thought of doing a fair, but we had to know how much space we could use, the ages of the kids, how many they were, and the last, but most important, what they needed and wanted.
Then we went to the place and as soon as we entered we knew that was it. Villa Infantil was the perfect place to accomplish the mission. The place was big and beautiful; and about the kids, I couldn’t describe them in other way but energetic. We had finally found the perfect place.
After we met the kids Mercedes (the villa´s encharged) told us that our idea of the fair was great and gave us some ideas of what we could do at the stands that the kids might like.
After the visit we realized we couldn’t do it just by ourselves if we wanted to be BIG. First we asked the group that hadn’t project yet and they accepted, then another team offered to join us and we accepted.
Now we are twelve girls, we have divided the teams by the stands our carnival it’s going to have, the stands are going to be divided by categories (art, cooking, decorating, and dynamic) and are going to be activities according to the ages.
Now we are divided by stands, we have to raise the money to buy the things each one of us is going to need. We have a plan to raise all the money: (we already have done some steps)
First we sold flowers at a party; Second we are going to sell things (as brownies); and finally each one of us is going to provide $100 (pesos).
Each team is going to buy the things by Friday February 25 so we can organize as the whole team.
I really can’t wait to see the reaction we are going to provoke on them!

Katherine Juarez

“An act of kindness project”

first of all the teacher told us that as a project we have to do big kindness act, something that help or make people happy or have a good time.
First we were only teams, Mariana, Paula, Claudia, Ana Mary and me. To being with the project we said some ideas and almost everyone was agree, the finally idea that we have was to be one day like trying to make their dreams come true, or make like a san valentine party to terminal boys, but one of our teams members, Paula, she was not very convince with the idea to be with terminal boys, she thought that she don’t feel very kind helping them so she decide to change of team, being in another team.
After she left were only four and at the moment the teacher told us to talk about our project we realize that 3 more different teams want to do the same as we, help persons in an orphan to have a good time, the teacher gave us the idea to match all the teams and make something’s bigger.
Afterwards we try to do that, we join all the teams and we was planning a big party in Jurica to raise money for the thing we were going to do to the orphan boys, but after that, and after we were talking we realize that being all those teams together was a real disaster.
So finally we decide to join, Ana VI’s teams that was Andréa, Sarahi and Malu, but then they told us that they before join Laura’s team, that was Valeria, Isabel and Larissa. So we form very big teams with 12 girls.
In this new teams we are going to do a very little feria, like with some stand like dardos, some for fishing things, painting and a lot of things like that in were a number of girls will be there attending and helping trying to do a very good day to children’s.

Andrea Alvarez

Kindness act the project

First of all, my team and I saw the possibility of teaching something at a public school but we realized we couldn’t do it because of our schedules in the weekend. We looked for other options and we looked into going to the “villa infantile” and do an event that the kids when they were all grown up could go back in time and see this day as a fabulous day .After that we went and had an interview with the people at the “villa” and we agreed what to do and where to do it…. But we had one small problem we were not counting on, there were 40 children in total and we were only 4 girls, so we had to have more girls to help, and that is when 2 teams joined us as a team and we became 12 girls. Later we realizes we needed some money we decided to that each one of us should put $100 and to raise more money, we sold some flowers in valentine’s day , to a party we all attended to. We are going to do a carnival in which we are going to put 3 stands with different activities, according to the age and at the end we are going to do a rally, which of course has a prize. That’s about it we just need to buy the stuff and we will have our project ready for action.

Valeria Guerrero

“A kindness act”
Our idea for the project is to go to the orphan “Villa Infantil” in Chichimequillas and organize a party for the kids. The party will be like a Fair, there will be four different stands for kids of all ages.
These sounds really good, like if we’ve been organizing it since the beginning, but actually we had many ideas before. First we made our teams; mine was of four members including me. Then we had to get up with an idea for the project that was making a big kindness act. Our first idea was to earn money by selling cookies and brownies made by us and the earn money should be for buying things that an orphanage needed, but we realized that we didn’t had enough time to earn enough money because the lest we needed to earn was five thousand pesos in two weeks, so we decided to join with another team. After we found another team and join them we got up with the idea of making a big party in which people would have to pay for entering and then give the money to an orphan for girls but the problem with it was that we had have to earn much more money than before for the party, so again we fail with an idea.
Finally after all those big and difficult ideas another team of four girls invited my team to join them. After explaining us their idea of a Fair for little kids and told us that they needed more girls in order to develop their idea we accepted to work with them and just after we join them another team wanted to work with us so now we are twelve girls. I think that the more the better because it will be less work for each one of us and it will be easier to take care of forty little children.
Now the only thing we can do is prepare the Fair and have all the enthusiasm of the world.
Wish us luck!

Ana María Acevedo


For my weekly social service, I attend to a house for mistreated little girls, and with the time, I’ve come to feel special affect for them.
So, when we were announced we had to realize a kindness project, that house was my first option, though my teammates also suggested working with terminal kids.
We knew this person who worked for “Arlequin” in the area of terminal kids, so we tried to contact her, but among other circumstances we were too young, so this option was canceled.
Our second option was to make a “Ciudad de los niños” for the mistreated girls, but it demanded a lot of work and money, so we decided to join with two more teams; but we had many different ideas for raising money, and we wanted to put them all into practice at the same time that it became a real mess plus we realized that this girls were too young to enjoy or be able to participate in the activities we had planned.
So, we changed completely our plan, we were going to throw a Valentine´s party at a place were older kids would enjoy it. We looked for this place but it never appeared; the kids were too young or too old, or they were too many, so we decided to split and look for different projects each.
Meanwhile, there was another team planning what we were at the beginning, This was a kind of Carnival were the team members would be working on different stands, dards, fishing plastic toys, handicraft,… so we decided to join them to complete a twelve member team.
We had two options for raising money, the first one was that each girl gave from her own money $100, and the second was to seal roses on a Valentine´s party that was approaching.
We tried our second option, and resulted a completely disaster. The roses were all dried and half-way spoiled. We didn´t lose any money, though we didn´t make any.
So, for now, we´ll conform with our first option.

Ana Victoria Vargas

This period in Efl the teacher asked us to make a project, but a different one, she asked us to do an act ok kindness.
At first I didn’t know what I was going to do and how. When we first got together our team was made of only four members. We wanted to really help people but different, not just raisin money for them and the go to the place and give the money there. So we decide to go to a public school and give the students some extra classes so they can pass their exams. We started to look places were we could go and my aunt helped us because she works as a teacher in one public school.
We started to have problems with our time because we had activities in the afternoons so we needed to change our idea. So we decides to go to an orphan and make like a fair for them with different stands. Having activities of cooking, making and painting frames, fishing, balloons and everything just like a carnival.
Then Mally’s and Laura’s team joined to us. Now we are a team of 12. We are really expecting to go and have a great time with the kids. I think giving them a fun and great time is better than just give them money, I’m not saying it is wrong but you are getting more involved if you decide to be with them and treat with them.
We already divided in teams so the little ones make something and the older one the others; we also divided ourselves in pairs so we can work in the stands and help the kids in the manualities and all the stuff.
I think that after making this I would really like to continue making things like this and helping people that really need it with everything I want. I know that helping others is one of the thing I like and enjoy the most in my life.
Mariana Ripoll

The Orphanage:
On the beggining our first idea was helping the Casa Cuna Needed, which is a place where young people are temporally living because they were mistreated by their parents so the government take them away from their families and bring them to this house where some people are in charch of taking care of them.
The way we were supposed to help was to apport a quantity of money for them to buy food and clothes, we are going to join to another two teams and raise the money by washing cars and asking for cash on the stop lights, but  then we  realized that we were not going to raise enough money doing just that so we all decided to plan a cover party asking 50 pesos to each person so we could earn more money for them, but then we thought… What if we didn´t raise the money we should have raised?, and what if the money we raised is or enough for all the members of the organization?
Because if 3 groups of people got joined as a team we would have to apport many more money than the other teams so we decided to get supported and each group does their own.
After that we thought about helping an orphanage, with money but when we realized that money is not the most important thing, and maybe it would have helped the orphanage but it would not bring the kids joy and happiness, so we had the best idea ever, by joining again with the other 2 teams we now have on our minds to prepare a big fair for all this people, each team will be in charch of 2 stands, we will bring a lot of funny stuff  and delicious food for them to have the time of their life , the way we will raise all the money for this event is proper of each group, we will not join on that, and the idea or my group is to sell muffins or other kind of food.